(A Result Oriented Institute)

(An ISO 9001:2008 Certified)

Our Achievement

MARVELLOUS INSTITUTE is an organization that believes in DOING rather than just boasting about the results. Every year, most of the institutions publish photographs, letters, names of the selected candidates; most of whom are the ones who went there just for an inquiry or attended some workshop. Further most of the students don't rely on just one institution or notes. We believe that the success of a candidate is the timely mix of their hard work, strategy and destiny. Therefore, Marvellous never publishes the names, or photos of it's selected candidates; though every year, we have succeeded in producing around 20-30 candidates. Their names or references are available on request. Instead, we believe in delivering the things. Therefore, every year, after the examination, we upload the List of Questions that appeared from our notes and their reference vis-a-vis . so that you can actually check whether the questions appeared from there or not.